more than just massage ...

Rebalancing: Opening of the outer layer of muscles at the back


A deep bodywork

Rebalancing® is a balanced synthesis of sensitive deep tissue bodywork, Rolfing, joint release, elements of Craniosacral bodywork and bio-energetics. It helps the body to let go of tensions and old patterns, and to find back to a natural balance and smoothness. The body becomes more free and loose. This sets energies free that lead to more joy of life, spontaneity and a more intense body-awareness.

Rebalancing: deep work at the thigh


The organ of structure

The structure of our body is made by connective tissue. As fascia, tendons and ligaments it forms our bodies and keeps them together. Very often it is out of balance. This costs a lot of energy for the body.
The reasons for that are often far back in the past and manyfold: one sided overuse, old habits, injuries, fears, unlived feelings and more.

Rebalancing: Deep work at the back


Balance and life energy

Rebalancing® works with the connective tissue. Through loving touch - with soft finger tips to strong and deep strokes with the ellbow - hard spots will be softened, sticky fascia separated, space and mobility will be created. Hence the body structure comes back to a new balace. Blocked energies can be freed which will be experienced as a feeling of lightness and security and can express itself as more joy of life.

Rebalancing: Deep work in the chest area


Body and emotions

Rebalancing® takes man as a whole, a multilayerd unity of body, mind and feeling.
Often, memories and feelings come to the surface in a Rebalancing session which have been stored in the connective tissue. In the calm and relaxed state during the session they can be re-processed. Hence Rebalancing® works beyond the purely bodyly level and leads to emotional balance also.

Rebalancing: Work at the foot


From toe to head

Rebalancing® works with a system of 10 sessions. In each session the focus is on a certain body area. In the course of the 10 sessions the body will be worked on in a sequence that guaranties the best results.
Of course a single session can also be tailored to the needs of the client in just this moment. It will include the whole body and have very positive effects.