To Craniosacral Balancing:

Your Inner Physician and You
CranioSacral Therapy
SomatoEmotional Release

John E. Upledger
North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California,1991
ISBN 1-55643-148-1

An introductory book with many stories about great healing successes. Also about the rediscovery of the Craniosacral Rhythm during an operation through the author. Very interesting for everybody, in English

Craniosacral Therapy
John E. Upledger,Jon D. Vredevoogd
Eastland Press, Seattle 1983
ISBN 0-939616-01-7

Not very easy to read because it gives a lot of anatomical details and goes really into the depth of it. For the lay person the appendices may be interesting where some scientific publications of the author are reprinted, in Englisch

Somatoemotional Release and Beyond
John E. Upledger

In this book it's about the cellular memory and how informations stored in our bodies can be accessed. An essential tool is the therapeutic dialoguing. In English.

To Rebalancing:

Awareness through Touch
Sudas und Chinmatra

An introductory book with a description of the 10 session series, in Englisch.

Bewusstheit durch Berührung
Ein Begleitbuch zum Rebalancing
Chinmatra Thomas Greiner und Sudas Wilfried Topp
Body Awareness Verlag

German version of this book

Rolfing, the Integration of Human Structures
Ida P. Rolf
Harper & Row (publishers)

A very interesting book from the inventor of Rolfing about body structure and balance.