Craniosacral Balancing®

soft touch with deep effect

Craniosacral Balancing: Arbeit am Keilbein


A very subtle bodywork

Craniosacral Balancing® is a very subtle and very deeply working bodywork. It adresses a person in her whole being and supports self healing forces on all levels. It works with the cerebrospinal fluid which is inside the skull and the spinal column and surrounds, protects and nourishes the brain and the spinal cord.

Craniosacral Balancing: Lift of Hyoid


The breath of life

The cerebrospinal fluid pulses in our bodies with a rhythm, whose exact origin is still unclear, but which can be palpated by trained hands as a subtle, regular movement at the scull and all over the body - similar to the heart beat or the breathing. Indeed, the craniosacral rhythm was called the Breath of Life by the man who discovered this work: Dr. W. Sutherland.

Craniosacral Balancing: Opening of the upper thoracic area


Harmony and balance

While the client lies on a massage table the practioner can sense through his soft touch disturbances of the craniosacral system, which can be the causes of a number of bodyly and psychological problems.
With the aid of soft techniques the practioner helps the craniosacral rhytm to expand and find his natural harmony and balance.
This leads to deep relaxation for body, mind and soul. In this restfullness the self healing forces of the body will be reactivated. It can refresh itself and come back to balance again.

Craniosacral Balancing: Examination of the movements of the skull as a whole



Through the deep relaxation in a Craniosacral Balancing® session a distance is created to the stress of every day life - an opportunity to gain new power and clarity. The access to deep memories can open, and the reliving and understanding of them helps to let go of old emotional traumata and mental patterns. Then deep meditation can happen on its own.